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University of Michigan Health System

Agency: Tulin DiversiTeam Associates / nGravis

While serving as Creative Director for nGravis, Tulin DiversiTeam Associates contracted to us to create a custom diversity awareness eLearning solution for University of Michigan Health System (UMHS). The primary focus of this solution was to strengthen the leadership skills of UMHS' top-ranked Physicians, Health Care and Allied Health Professionals.

The elearning solution focused exclusively on potential problem areas within the workplace. Tulin DiversiTeam Associates tailored all content to fit within UMHS' best-in-class healthcare environment.

I developed a customized interface which heavily incorporated audio and video assets to provide a fully-engaging, Flash-based presentation. This in itself presented an incredible challenge as all computers within UMHS were locked down and did not allow for fresh installs of the Flash plugin. In addition the software needed to be completely SCORM based, which allowed all assets to seamlessly drop into a learning management system to track progress and completion.


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